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“This intergenerational labor of love is so unique and preciously profound in a way few books are. It is such an insightful way, from an intimate platform, of telling the story of father and son, and seldom seen anywhere in literature.”

                                             — Rabbi Yehuda Fine, best selling author of Times Square Rabbi-Finding the Hope in Lost Kids’ Lives

“Joe and Jared have managed the impossible: writing a story about a special brand of love — raw and vulnerable — that is intensely private yet wholly universal.  It is so full of love and wisdom that I often found myself fighting back tears, thinking about my son, my father and his father.”

               —Dr. Rami Kaminsky, Medical Director, The Institute of Integrative Psychiatry and Associate Professor of Psychiatry, Columbia University.

Write Father, Write Son is like an X-ray of a strong bond between a father and a son. Through their mutual love for the written word, Joseph and Jared Cohen reveal what the structure of a healthy, open relationship looks like, and how much fathers and sons have to give each other. This is a very unique book – don’t miss it.”

                                          – Chris Mercogliano, author of In Defense of Childhood and A School Must Have Heart

“Within the vast literature on parenting there is so little to be found about the core relationship of father and son. It is the stuff of literature to be sure, but the voice providing positive and helpful guidance in real life is rarely heard. The beauty, thoughtfulness and wisdom in this book go a long way to fill this gap. Listening to the call and response of Joe and Jared will make you laugh, inspire you and bring healing to what is too often a troubled legacy.”

                                                                    — Susie Kessler, Director of Makom: Center for Meditation and Spirituality, JCC in Manhattan

“In a society where letter writing has become a somewhat extinct form of communication, it is refreshing to read meaningful conversations between father and son.  Their  journeys,  both personal and professional are shared through this “written dialogue.”  The relationship is extremely open and parallel as the pair confront various life challenges. Throughout, the reader senses the love and ongoing support documented in the letters, suggesting that letter writing can be an additional medium to enhance a relationship between parent and child.”

                                                 —Dr. Janet Andron Hoffman, School Social Worker, The Abraham Joshua Heschel School

“Beyond the inspiring content of these letters is your dedication to Jared. It is your heartfelt expressiveness to your son that is your gift to fathers like myself. I now have available to me from your example the exciting possibility of writing to my 22 year old daughter.”

— Michael Geis, M.D., family psychiatrist

“This is a testament to the love a father shares with his son, and the impact a compassionate, thoughtful and inspirational relationship can have. It speaks about listening, encouragement, and faith. Above all, Write Father, Write Son shows how the process of learning from one another builds respect and fosters friendship.”

—David Rabinowitz, LCSW

“Joseph Cohen has pulled together an insightful expression of the connection he has had as a father with his son through the letters they passed one to another.  For many, this just might be a thing of the past but it’s an art I hope we can learn from, and get better at doing to stay close to those we love.  It’s a great read.”

                                    — Wade Lindstrom, Personal Coach – Jack Canfield Coaching

“Father and son Joseph and Jared Cohen created a poignant book through years of open-hearted letters and stories.  Joseph’s father was old-school, authoritarian, from the old country.  He was an honorable man and a good provider.  He did not express his feelings to his son. Joseph vowed he would be different with his own child.  He wrote him letters, starting when he was a boy.  In them, he expresses his love, he admonishes, he encourages. It’s beautiful.  Jared, too, is an excellent writer, and his short stories are imaginative and compelling.”

 —- Mary Silver, editor, Epoch Times

“I am hopeful that your shared experience will spark other fathers and sons  (mothers and daughters, siblings) to connect in new ways or to learn how to overcome past crises that have led to a period of distance between them.  Life is short and once it is over we have no way of correcting what we might now see as “errors of omission” and opportunities lost.”

—- Goldie Y. Lansky, Executive Director, Congregation Ahavath Chesed (The Temple)

“Powerful expressions of thoughts and personal feelings through writing are something I feel many people have difficulty doing… This is an inspiring story of how a parent can truly make an impact and teach a child to be secure in their own thoughts and feelings by providing an outlet for expressing themselves in a positive way.”

—- Courtney Padgett, Vice President, Marketing – Sales Engagement, Adecco Group

“As an attorney dealing with family dynamics with clients and my own family, I read the book the first day I bought it. Write Father, Write Son provides a heartwarming, inspirational look at the father son relationship. It  encourages you to enjoy and endear the relationship with patience; and if you do, you will be deeply rewarded.”

— Dan W. Armstrong, P.A.

“As a father, grandfather and doctor, I have been blessed with the gift of interacting with individuals of all ages. We strive as parents to raise our children with love, compassion and guidance. We listen and learn from our parents — the so called experts — and study literature on “proper” child development. Then reality hits.  Joseph and Jared have provided, despite their challenges individually and as a family, a unique and compassionate perspective. Through it all they have created a powerful bond.

—Dr. Vincent Taffuri DC, PSc.D and Director, Taffuri Integrated Wellness Centers

“Write Father, Write Son is a well written, compelling epistolary memoir.  It is a worthy read on many levels.  Joseph uses letters written over several decades between his son, Jared and himself to show a developing relationship. His photos, recollections, and reflections also contribute to this most successful form of storytelling.”

— Sally Wahl Constain, President, Del Web Writers Group, Ponte Vedra, Florida and author of  The Keys to Fanny.